I made a version for the pac 4-in-1 mod (version 3.3) for a common bootleg board (Ms Pac Championship/Super Zola Pac Gal).  If you have
The board pictured below you can mod it with just a couple of simple steps and does not need an nvram adapter like the original
Pac boards.  Most of them come with the ram socketed which makes it that much easier.

Ms Pac Championship/Super Zola Pac Gal PCB
    When you are done it should look like this


          1. Download the new images here and program PM5_4IN1.bin to a 27c128 and PM4_4IN1.bin to and 27c512
          2. Remove the ram and replace it with nvram (Dallas DS1225)
          3. Replace the 27c64 PM5 eprom with a 27c128 eprom with PM5_4IN1.bin
            • Pull up pin 26 so it is not in the socket
          4. Replace the 27c512 PM4 eprom with a 27c512 eprom with PM4_4IN1.bin
            • Pull up pin 1 so it is not in the socket
          5. Attach a wire from pin1 of PM4 to pin 26 of PM5
          6. Attach a wire from pin 26 of PM5 to pin 11 of the 74ls259 on the top right of the board