Welcome to http://arcade.souzaonline.com

What is this site for?

This site is for anyone who is interested in classic arcade games, but wishes there were some changes to the old favorites. Many games from the early 80's did not support two very important things.

1. Free Play (or a static screen asking the user to press the start button).

2. High Score Save

3. Cheats for people like me who are not good at these games

In the downloads section you can download the partial eprom image and burn them to an eprom

What if I do not own an eprom burner?

An eprom burner can be obtained for around $40 and is a goods investement. If you don't have one then I would suggest buying the eproms from www.hobbyroms.com. I will update the roms from time to time if a bug is reported or I want to change it around so I would try it in MAME first to make sure it is what you expect.

How do I know if I will like the changes you made to the game?

You can try them out in MAME first to see how the game acts. This can be done by adding the rom in my download section to the zip file on your MAME install. Some people may not like a certain approach taken on one of the rom enhancements, if you have feedback I am happy to listen to it and if I have the time I may update it .

What is the donation button on the left for?

I do not charge for any of the rom enhancements and never will. This means that they take a lower priority than work, family life and other things. If you would like a change to one of these enhancements or one that is not on this page then it may take a while or not get done at all. However, like many of these games I am coin operated and I am likely to help out people and do some extra work if donations are made. For example, If II do not own a games, I have no desire to make a Free Play enhancement for it. If you and several other people have a lot of interest in this and donate a few bucks a piece I may take it on as a project.